Terms of Usage

Terms of Usage

The rules that you write in this agreement can be of any kind: rules against spamming other users of your website or mobile app, clause to inform users that your content, logo, etc. is your own intellectual property, rules that accounts can be closed or terminated if abusive behaviour is detected, etc.

If in a Community Guidelines or Community Policy agreement you’d specify and inform users about how to behave when they become part of your Community, in this kind of agreement you’d inform users about the same kind of policy: what rules users must know before they use your website or mobile app, what’s not allowed, what happens if an abuse is detected etc.

A Terms of Use agreement is the same as a Terms and Conditions or a Terms of Service agreement.

These agreements have similar clauses, depending on the website, business model, industry, etc., but the name of the agreement can be named either a “Terms of Use” or a “Terms and Conditions.”

The agreement is useful to The Guardian to set the rules and guidelines for visitors, users and customers:

    • Registration: inform users that they must agree to a set of rules when they register on your website or mobile app
    • Disable or terminate accounts: inform users that their accounts can be disabled or terminated if abuses happen on your website or mobile app, e.g. spamming, swearing etc.
    • Owner of content: notify users that you, the company, is the owner of the content appearing on your website or mobile app – except in cases where other users can post content (upload, share, create etc.) where the users are the owners of such content
    • Changes to the agreement: users should be informed about upcoming changes to the agreement before the changes are applied. For more information on how you can announce updates of legal agreements to your users, read
    • DMCA: as DMCA applies to US only, the Guardian is also informing owners of copyright content that they can submit a DMCA notice to the website if they found infringing content. For more information on DMCA,